Synopsis of the Magic Flute space-age adaptation:

There once was a huge planet that broke into two smaller planets: the Sun Planet ruled by the kind Sarastro and the Moon Planet ruled by the wicked Queen of the Night. At the beginning, we meet The Queen who is ordering her soldier Pamina to fly over to the Sun Planet to acquire more slaves. Suspecting Pamina will not obey, she sends a dragon after her. Pamina manages to leave the planet just in time. However, Tamino, a newcomer who has just landed on the moon, is met by the dragon instead. Luckily, the 3 Ladies of the Moon stop the dragon just in time and they hope he will be able to serve their Queen. Not soon after, Tamino meets Papageno, a bird-catcher, who becomes his good friend. The Queen orders them to visit the Sun Planet. She tells them that the ruler there is evil and she asks them to bring Pamina back to her for safety. She gives them a magic flute and silver bells to protect them.

On the Sun Planet, they find Pamina and then realize that the ruler, Sarastro, is really kind. They discover that Queen really intends to conquer the Sun Planet and make everyone slaves. When the Queen arrives with her 3 Ladies of the Moon and tries to capture Sarastro, Tamino and Papageno play their Magic Flute and bells until the Queen gives in and is transformed. Peace and love wins.

*Child pricing is for ages 18 and younger. Family pricing includes 2 adults and 2 children.*


1 hour


Arts Court Theatre. 2 Daly Ave., Ottawa, ON. K1N 6E2

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Adult – $28, Child – $15, Family (package of 4) – $65

Price: $15.00$65.00

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